The Irony of the Future

ChatGPT never ceases to amaze me. I asked it to draw a picture, and the result was impressive, though the background required some improvement. Naturally, I requested a fix. ”Open Photoshop and fix it yourself,” the model replied. Welcome to the future.

A Gentle Nudge

Apparently, ChatGPT now adds a special disclaimer to the emails it generates: “Note: Please replace [Recipient’s Name] and [Recipient’s Position] with the appropriate details before sending the letter.” A gentle nudge to some “prompt engineers” who’ve embraced the copy-paste culture too enthusiastically.

AI Joke

I asked ChatGPT for a joke to liven up my latest piece, and it quipped, “Why did the Tasmanian tiger join a dating app? It heard scientists were trying to match its genes!” Hilarious.

Human Error

While assessing ChatGPT’s prowess in performing list operations (which, I must say, it handles pretty adeptly), I decided to test its ability to count the number of items within a list. As expected, the language model stumbled and provided a count of 56 instead of the accurate 53. Granted, I wasn’t anticipating complete precision, but… Read More Human Error