The Irony of the Future

ChatGPT never ceases to amaze me. I asked it to draw a picture, and the result was impressive, though the background required some improvement. Naturally, I requested a fix. ”Open Photoshop and fix it yourself,” the model replied. Welcome to the future.

A Gentle Nudge

Apparently, ChatGPT now adds a special disclaimer to the emails it generates: “Note: Please replace [Recipient’s Name] and [Recipient’s Position] with the appropriate details before sending the letter.” A gentle nudge to some “prompt engineers” who’ve embraced the copy-paste culture too enthusiastically.

AI Joke

I asked ChatGPT for a joke to liven up my latest piece, and it quipped, “Why did the Tasmanian tiger join a dating app? It heard scientists were trying to match its genes!” Hilarious.

Human Error

While assessing ChatGPT’s prowess in performing list operations (which, I must say, it handles pretty adeptly), I decided to test its ability to count the number of items within a list. As expected, the language model stumbled and provided a count of 56 instead of the accurate 53. Granted, I wasn’t anticipating complete precision, but… Read More Human Error

Welcome to the Jungle

​​I really love this picture. It’s so atmospheric; I feel like I’m lying on that woodland edge, closely observing the pine (or spruce?) shoot emerging from the ground. I can almost smell the soil and needles! In fact, neither the woodland edge nor the spruce exists in nature. An AI created them in response to… Read More Welcome to the Jungle