Reporting, news editing, interviews, explainers, script writing, voice-overs, video presenting, public relations, event management, social media marketing, gallery curation, hip-hop festival hosting, AI art production, contest judging, sailing, beekeeping — folks, I’ve done it all.

Among my clients were the British Council and the UK Embassy in Moscow, Novartis, Siemens, Novo Nordisk, IMAX, Nokia, Rosatom, Auchan, Huawei, ING Group, Yandex, HSE University, Far Eastern University, the Museum of Cryptography, Amway, Institute of Cytology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Novosibirsk State University, Tochka Bank, Euroset, MTS, Nornickel, Rusal, Genocarta, and other organisations.

Here are some of my recent projects:


  • Joined the team in a pro bono advisory role, helping to enhance its science reporting.


  • Advised ITMO University on launching the AI Communications Specialisation for its master’s program.
  • Began an art initiative showcasing English Heritage sites with AI-generated visuals. The project aims to intertwine history with AI representation, offering a fresh perspective on well-known landmarks.
  • Relaunched the English version of the award-winning Metkere blog. The new blog now primarily focuses on culture and history.
  • Revamped the Lifelong MOOCs Telegram channel focusing on education and science, attracting 3,000 followers in a year.
  • Curated AI imagery for the Silver Archer Award press release.


  • Developed and began teaching a course on science content production at ITMO University.
  • Joined a brand new YouTube channel on all things science. I handle script writing and presenting, while our fantastic team makes me look good on screen. It now has more than 430,000 subscribers.
  • Introduced Hypertextual, a newsletter focusing on science and technology.
  • Launched Siberian, a newsletter dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of Siberian affairs.
  • Co-produced the Segalovich Award for young scientists and a podcast on machine learning challenges with 500,000 reach.
  • Spearheaded communications for Yandex Research ML Residency, securing 26 media features and a 150,000-strong reach, resulting in 127 applications.


  • Produced content about the past and future of encryption for the Museum of Cryptography.
  • Launched the Yandex Research blog on machine learning.
  • Conducted a series of lectures on recent scientific discoveries, sharing cutting-edge knowledge and findings with students at Far-Eastern University, ITMO University, and LevelOne.


  • Moderated the Different Ever After festival for the British Embassy in Moscow.
  • Covered drug discovery, digital medicine, and good manufacturing practices for Novartis.
  • Produced interviews with scientists for the Traektoria Foundation YouTube channel.
  • Hosted scientific events at HSE University and Rosatom, facilitating discussions and exchanges on contemporary scientific topics and advancements.
  • Fact-checked films about the Apollo program and the Covid-19 pandemic for the Discovery Channel.
  • Launched a COVID-19 news and insights newsletter at


  • Created a series of online courses on social media marketing and event management for Amway.
  • Authored a series of articles on scientific breakthroughs for Novartis corporate media, highlighting key advancements and their implications.
  • Developed a communications strategy for Genocarta, ensuring clear and compelling messaging. Composed the official press release for their launch, which major media outlets featured.


  • Launched a science desk at Some of my articles received more than 100,000 views and hundreds of citations.
  • Produced four cars worth of text content for the Moscow Metro Science Train as part of the UK-Russia Year of Science and Education. Three million passengers travelled on it in 10 months.


  • Delivered lectures on scientific discoveries to employees at Auchan and Siemens, enhancing their understanding of the latest research and innovations.


  • Launched a popular science magazine for Rosatom, swiftly amassing a 500,000 monthly readership.
  • Edited a comprehensive science communications handbook.
  • Conceived and designed an engaging card game centred around energy transition.

I covered more ancient projects on my LinkedIn profile.