BBC, The science of social distancing

The strong social distancing policies introduced by China seem to have been successful in stopping the spread of Covid 19. Without any effective drug treatments, reducing our number of contacts is the most effective way to prevent viral transmission. We also look at the similarities been policies in Russia and the US on how best to deal with the virus. In both cases, there are contradictions and disagreements between medical professionals and politicians.

Meduza, How scientists in Siberia tried to conceal pollution research

The Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences decided to withhold public access to new research on atmospheric and soil pollution in cities throughout the region. The discussion about burying the “alarmist” report was streamed on YouTube, however, and the academy’s effort to purge the footage from the Internet only drew the public’s attention. To try to understand why a group of prestigious scientists would question open-source data about pollution levels in Siberia, Meduza turned to science writer Elia Kabanov.

Yandex, Interview with Esther Dyson

British Embassy in Moscow, Interview with Marcus Frey

British Embassy in Moscow, Interview with Thomas Connor

British Embassy in Moscow, Interview with Geoffrey Beattie