Freedom for Mendelssohn!

In October 2009, my colleagues and I rallied behind an unexpected cause: defending the right to play Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March.”  The trigger for our campaign was a rather audacious lawsuit filed by a Novosibirsk lawyer. In an apparent bid for notoriety, he sued the local civil registry office, demanding compensation for each use of Mendelssohn’s… Read More Freedom for Mendelssohn!

Novoday: How to Create a Holiday

Sixteen years ago, my jovial friend Alexander Feoktistov and I, along with a few colleagues whose identities shall remain secret, created a new holiday. We wanted to offer people an opportunity to engage in something meaningful during the extra day provided by the leap year, February 29. The concept emerged one dark January evening in… Read More Novoday: How to Create a Holiday