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Brochure for an AI advertising agency operating in Brazil and Mexico

How we do it: The technology behind Neurodub

We share cases where Neurodub transforms the users’ routine and describe its features here every week. But how exactly does Neurodub work, and what allows it to deliver such impressive results?

At first glance, good old machine learning may seem to be under the hood. In fact, everything is more complicated and exciting.

We’ll explain the Neurodub technology step by step in our new blog on Medium. Read right now, and don’t forget to follow us so as not to miss future tech posts!

Lawrify speeds up review by 50 per cent compared to the manual process

According to the Legal Trends Report, more than two-thirds of legal professionals think there is insufficient time in the day, while 28 per cent struggle to keep track of deadlines. As a result, 30 percent of lawyers would like to work fewer hours, the Thomson Reuters survey shows.

Lawyers are frustrated by a mismatch between what they do and the tasks they want to do. Legal professionals spend too much time on tedious manual work like document review. It often leads to overtime, personal problems and health issues.

At Lawrify, we decided to solve this. Our innovative solution takes the dull parts out of lawyers’ job descriptions. Our system can analyze legal documents in seconds and highlight issues and risks. Lawrify speeds up review by 50 per cent compared to the manual process, giving lawyers the extra time they desire.

Lawrify uses clause checklists to analyze contracts

A legal checklist is an essential tool for any company. It allows lawyers to avoid working overtime and feeling frustrated with routine tasks. Here are the key benefits of using checklists:

— Risk mitigation. With a checklist, it’s easy to notice when something is missing.
— Training assistance. Checklists allow sharing of the expertise of top lawyers with the entire company.
— Contract template harmonization. Checklists help maintain a single style and structure of legal documents.
— Fast review. A checklist speeds up the process of contract review.

Lawrify analyzes contracts using clause checklists, highlighting paragraphs that need attention. Then, a legal professional decides what to do with the highlighted parts. With our innovative model, this process takes 50 per cent less time than a manual review.

Lawrify is getting faster

A lot is happening at Lawrify HQ, and we’re constantly working on new features and fine-tuning our model.

Lawrify is getting faster because we appreciate your time. In most cases, we process documents in 5 to 30 seconds. And we don’t compromise on text recognition quality either. Soon, our model will be indistinguishable from a professional lawyer.

What else is new? We rolled out granulation — a very accurate search that saves time. It’s like Ctrl+F on steroids.

We will release the first version of the critical errors feature in a couple of weeks. Lawrify can detect issues with numbering and double spaces. In addition, we have learned to identify the significant problems with legal terms and corresponding paragraphs.

We know many of you are waiting for our plugin. Good news: it will be available on the Microsoft Office store soon. The Lawrify plugin will work on macOS, Windows, and online versions of MS Word. Stay tuned!

By the way, DM us if you want to become a beta tester of the plugin’s first version.

How Lawrify saves lawyers a ton of paperwork

With legal tasks, there is often a need to balance the quality of work and project costs. Our survey of over 80 lawyers showed that an enormous routine workload frequently violates this balance. No one would want to give raw cases or unfinished documents, risking financial and reputational losses. They continue working because of their innate professionalism.

Every job description for legal professionals promises an exciting workload and ambitious tasks. The reality is often dimmer: lawyers must spend hours searching for best practices and clauses in law bases. This can take up to two-thirds of a day and sometimes even more! As a result, lawyers work overtime, sacrificing social and family lives.

At Lawrify, we feel your pain and struggles. Our mission is to save lawyers a ton of paperwork. Armed with state-of-the-art machine learning models and expertise from top world law firms, we developed a robust AI solution to the problem. It eliminates the manual job of reviewing and verifying documents — or at least part of it. Try Lawrify today to speed up your contract review process by 50 per cent.

Lawrify product update

At Lawrify, we tirelessly develop the best service for legal professionals and continue to train our model to work on different document types. We marked up the License Agreement and automated the flow for training the model. There is a straightforward implementation of searching and processing risks in a document using the Lawrify model.

Our new model works fast while attaining high quality and precision. The Lawrify model can highlight a single phrase or word, not just the whole paragraph. It makes finding the answer or issue as easy as pie.

Great news from our sales department: they got positive feedback for the first pre-sales of the plugin. Want to see it in action? Contact us, and we will show its capabilities and benefits.

We’ve almost completed developing the external API for partner collaborations. Also, we hope to launch our plugin in the MS Office Store soon. And if you, like us, love stylish visuals, stay tuned: we are already laying out a new design for the Lawrify.io website.

Introducing Lawrify

The lawyer’s life bears little resemblance to the court dramas we see on TV. Legal professionals spend most of their working days reviewing documents. This tiring routine does not leave resources for essential tasks.

In Lawrify, we help automate the routine and save time for what is essential. Our system allows for more efficient document review. To get a potent tool, we trained our artificial intelligence on a dataset of legal documents. It helps you find answers to questions and highlights problems.

Lawrify not only reads contracts and agreements but compares them with proper templates. It is similar to the notes senior lawyers write to colleagues: pay attention to these particular things in this document. You will instantly get a set of actions for quick amends in the papers, from incorrect paragraph numbering and references to ambiguous wording.

With Lawrify, lawyers can decide how to manage their time without the need to delve into tiresome tasks. Try Lawrify today to future-proof your legal documents.