My name is Elia Kabanov, and I am a London-based science writer covering the past, present, and future of technology.

For over 20 years, I’ve been writing about climate change, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, culture, and education.

Currently, I’m curating two newsletters you may wish to subscribe to:

  • Hypertextual covers universities, museums, laboratories, startups, the newest discoveries, and obscure inventions.
  • Siberian explores how scientists and ordinary people cope with Russia’s faltering regime, war, and repression.

I love explaining things. That is why I have given public lectures all over the world, including in India, Bangladesh, Germany, Belarus, Uzbekistan, and Russia. I’m also a co-author and presenter on a YouTube channel on all things science with 400,000 subscribers.

My interviews and expert commentaries were featured on BBC, DW and BILD, in The New York Times, CoinDesk, Slate, Le Monde, 7×7, The Calvert Journal, Animal, MDR, Delfi, El Diario, Lifehacker, and in other outlets.